I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

Mineral foundation has recently improved the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays, many of which have skin care effect are also made.

I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

About foundation of cosmetics

Speaking of the foundation of cosmetics, it is impossible to cover the entire skin with scientific substances such as talc, which obscures the pores.
However, harmful ingredients are not used recently, and a lot of foundation which has skin care effect has come to be sold.
The foundation is ""mineral foundation"", as its name suggests, it is made from only natural minerals.
In other words, since it is only minerals, it does not harm even for a long time even on the skin, and it can be dropped with facial cleanser even without using cleansing.
Since cleansing is the most costly skin care skill, if you do not need to do it, you should definitely omit it.
This alone should considerably reduce the burden on the skin.

And this ""mineral foundation"" is evolving day by day.
Originally this foundation had a very weak ultraviolet protection effect, which was the biggest weakness.
Although it is selling that it gets on the skin neatly without putting a base etc., because there is a weak ultraviolet protection effect of the foundation, there is a dilemma that it is necessary to paint sunscreen and makeup ground after all It is.

However, recently research and development has progressed, and we have succeeded in demonstrating high ultraviolet protection effect by ""mineral foundation"" alone.
Not only that, there are also excellent makers who have developed products incorporating effective ingredients such as vitamin C derivatives and ceramides.
Although there are foundations with a lot of beauty ingredients mixed, there has been no ""foundation that does not contain harmful ingredients and that can be skin care with beauty ingredients"".
So this is truly a revolutionary thing.

Foundation and clean skin is beautiful, it is ""mineral foundation"" that will fulfill such selfishness of a woman.