I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

After skin care, when painting the foundation, if you covered with a concealer such as spots, it will be natural finish.

I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

Foundation after skin care does not become thickly coated

Every morning after the skin care of the skin is over, the foundation comes next.
There are things that foundation does not have much covering power.
As you get older, the faults of your skin will become anxious, so you will come to feel the foundation with covering power.

However, when trying to cover the part of the skin which is concerned with the foundation, it has to paint considerably thick.
Although it is said that there is a cover foundation, it does not mean that the skin can not be seen through. Spots that have become dense enough to be bothered can not be hidden easily even with foundations with covering power. Also, if you try to cover the dullness under your eyes with a foundation, you will have to apply it thickly.
Since the eyes are easy to follow, thick coatings tend to collapse and become dirty.

If you try to hide the faults of your skin, it's better to conceal it with a concealer.
There are several types of concealer, there are also stick shaped kneading type, type that can be attached with pinpoint in a shape like gloss, palette.
There are also things with one color, others with a set of white and dark eyes.
Depending on the part you want to cover, it is easy to use if you also use concealers.
Since the concealer is like a foundation with considerable cover power, you can cover the part you want to hide with pinpoint.
Since the whole is not thickly coated with the foundation, unnaturalness is few, it can cover disadvantages of the skin although it is natural.

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