I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

Foundation is applied extensively to your skin even in skin care, so we want to stick to ingredients.

I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

Skincare essential item foundation

I go to work and play almost every day, applying apply foundation on my face.
There were times when I heard rumors that the foundation was not good for the skin, a burden, etc., and it was a time when I became very sensitive and foundation was not attached.

However, when I started becoming a social worker and going to be an esthetic agent, I heard that people who have beautiful skin are almost on a daily foundation.
To relieve external irritation and cut ultraviolet rays on the foundation, find a thing that fits your skin, and if you apply a make-up firmly on the day you paint it will never be bad for your skin I was taught that it was not.
Before painting the foundation, I firmly do skin care, apply makeup base or sunscreen, then paint the foundation with a clean sponge from above.
From becoming careful about that, ultraviolet rays are less troubles, it is better to paint the foundation and go out than when you go out without putting anything, I felt the condition of my skin good.
For foundations you can choose liquids, powders, creams and types, so it is important to distinguish between things that fits your skin.
I can easily get acne, so if you use liquid foundation you will get acne.
Powder Foundation is thin and has many covering power, so we often choose powder foundation.
When choosing a foundation, choosing while listening to the beautician and experts, there are few failures.

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