I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

If it is full of child rearing, when time to skincare becomes time ... ・ The foundation glue is bad and it is regrettable finish.

I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

Foundation must be tough unless skin care is solid!

I have had trouble of the skin from long ago.
It was acne during my school days.
I was able to concentrate on the cheeks and cheeks, repeatedly repeating the vicious circle of being able to do it by being uncomfortable and being able to crush.
So I worked hard on skin care as much as I could take time.
I applied drugs and tried hard to pay attention to washing my face.
The acne has calmed down beyond the age of 20, but the skin troubles I visited next are pore opening and rough skin.
I was particularly concerned about opening pores.
The pores of the nose are in a state of being raised, another name is strawberry and it does not know where you can put your hands from.
I am enjoying child rearing, but when I spend the time that I can not get my own time ・ ・ ・ pores are full of it.

I thought that the first pore was bad is the bad foundation foundation.
Although the foundation of the first foundation in the morning is still good, if you paint the foundation twice to try to make up the makeup, disastrously ... pores are conspicuous and you try to hide the pores, plenty of foundation I am! I feel like I can not put my hands on. If you have time, I'd like to refresh my face with a lot of foam cleansing and start over from makeup.
Recently I got to be able to do my own time a little, so I tried to make a little effort.
Warm face with steamed towel and wash face with plenty of foam.
After that, Iceon tightens pores and plenty of make-up water is over.
Will the effect come out for a moment?

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