I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

I thought that skin care was low irritation, but it is better to drop the foundation etc. well with a slightly stronger cosmetic.

I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

Skin Care Firmly Drop Foundation etc

For the time being, I was bothered by skin care such as acne and I was always worried about the method of skin care.
I tried skincare products that sell things that are gentle to the skin, such as low stimulation and emphasis on moisturizing, so as not to give the stimulation to the skin as much as possible.

However, there was no sign of healing at all, but it was getting worse and it was depressed.
So, it seems that it seems to be effective for acne by looking up on the site of the internet etc. but it seems to be strong irritation to the skin, so I was interested in cosmetics which I had never used.
Since rough skin was on the other side, I decided to try it with the feeling that it does not matter if it does not suit even if it does not fit even if it did not come up until now.

When I used the new cosmetic product, the number of acne drastically decreased in a few months.
The part with rough skin may feel a little stimulation, but there was not such thing as it was painful and painful.
When using this cosmetic product, it seems that dirt such as foundation was not sufficiently dropped considering emphasis that there is no stimulation to the skin until now.
The cosmetics currently in use seems to be removing dirt so that you can see that the cotton becomes dirty even on the face after cleansing, washing your face.
I am surprised at too much detergency, other lotions etc. When using things that place importance on moisture retention, we have been able to continue using bad effect by cosmetics with high detergency such as drying without coming out.
If you are suffering from acne or sharpness, even if you are sensitive skin, try changing the cosmetic products that are used even if only one cosmetic product is used, you may feel a good effect.