I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

People with dry skin perform facial washing in front of foundation, skin care gently, carefully, especially conscious of moisturizing.

I use a foundation suitable for skin care.

Make the foundation feel better with moisturizing skin care

Many people are suffering from dry skin.
Of course it is autumn and winter, but some people suffer from dry skin throughout the year.
As the skin dries, it causes acne, wrinkles, rough skin, so it is important to always be conscious of moisturizing.
Failure to keep moisture will make the foundation feel worse, it is likely to collapse and further deteriorate the skin condition.
If the powder blows or the foundation gets into the wrinkle, it looks even older.

In order to improve the foundation's feelings, we do it from the correct washing face.
Washing face tends to get rid of sebum and dirt, but if it gently irritates the skin, it will peel off the stratum corneum, moisture retention will further decrease, so wash gently.
After washing the face, instead of wiping it off with a clean towel, remove the ponpon and moisture.
Skin care after washing face emphasizes moisturizing.
Make the cosmetic lotion cotton or palm gently into the palm of your hand, cover it with your palm and moisten it.
If drying is terrible, it is even better if you use serum containing plenty of moisturizing power.
Afterwards, make sure that moisture does not escape with milky lotion and cream.
It is good to protect with the night cream or partial cream on the eyes and rail line that dries especially when you are cleaning the night.

Liquid is better than foundation in solid powder.
Choose the one with high moisturizing power, paint it so that it will not become thickly painted, calm down lightly if you dust powder.
Liquid has good familiarity with the skin and is characterized by being difficult to collapse.

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